Wednesday, December 11, 2013

There's No Place Like MC

(stealing a line from freshman cornhusking...) 
before it's officially winter, which is ten days away, i should put up this beautiful fall post.  Heidi, a friend from college who now lives in Washington state, came back to visit about a month ago.  Those of us who could got together for the day to hang out and catch up.  Our first stop was visiting Meredith.  I haven't been there in years and have never taken the kids there.  It was a beautiful, cool, fall day...the perfect time to walk around the campus.  The kids really seemed to like being there, running around and playing in the leaves. 

We happened to come visit the day after Cornhusking, so everything was still up from the events that week.  It brought back lots of memories and made me really miss all the fun we had at MC. 

D playing on the amphitheater steps
 in front of Johnson Hall with my bestest roomie, Dee
Our kids checking out the fountain 
 With my littles
 i could just eat him up
 playing by the tree in front of Faircloth, my dorm Sophomore year 

 leaf drawings

 I also took the kids through Johnson Hall for a look at all the dolls.  Here's my class doll, Katrina Lynn O'Conner...oh Monograms and Pearls
 Nora's birth-year doll, wearing what looks like some Lilly Pulitzer
 i love the older doll sand their beautiful dresses!

 then we went to Dee's house for all the kids to play and Mommy/Friends to talk ...our kiddo group is getting bigger!
Micah, Nora, Audrey, Braxton, Emily, Davis and Holden
Me, Sarah Lynn, Heidi, Kayla, and Dee 

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