Thursday, December 26, 2013

Preschool Christmas Play

The kids had their 2nd annual Christmas Play a few weeks ago.  You may or may not remember last year, but it was a bit of disaster.  Both the play and my personal situation.  I swore i wouldn't go to another one without some is nearly impossible to take care of a wiggly child while keeping up with and taking pictures of the 2 other kids on stage. Thankfully the play was on a Monday and my dad could come and help me out.  He was on permanent Davis duty--and that was a huge help!  Davis ran all around before the play and then Dad kept him quiet in the back with a bunch of snacks. 
The play wasn't quite the mess that it was last year, but i still really have no idea what was going on--and neither did the kids i think.  As expected with a stage full of 1-4 yr olds, there was a lot fo moving around and crying.  No matter though, my twins were cute (Holden was Joseph!) and they seemed to have a good time and were proud of themselves. 

 Nora, the bunny 
what do you call a bunch of bunnies anyway? 

that's a lot of little people!
 the sweetest bunny you'll ever meet
 and Joseph...poking Baby Jesus' eye out
the baby's eye was broken and wouldn't stay open.  That obviously really bothered my kids, as they couldn't take their hands off of it.
 best buds--Jack, Holden, Nora and Adelyn

 with Pop Pop

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