Friday, July 11, 2014

Boppies Season

* i'm determined to catch up even though i'm months behind.  we've done some pretty fun stuff...which is why i got behind to begin with.  Then i've been pretty sick for over 2 months now which has gotten me even more behind. so here i go again...on with April...*

Boppies = Berries in Davis' world.  I live in a berry-loving, blue, raspberries, strawberries... they can't get enough.  Thankfully Pop Pop and Grandma supply us with our black/blueberries-- but for strawberries this spring, we went pickin' for the first time.  We all had a good time but i think Nora enjoyed it the most. She insisted that she fill up her entire bucket by herself...with no help! 

meow wanted to come too, so we worked out a hand's free option

 we thought the plants and davis would be safer if he just rode along for the majority of this trip

we did let D do a little picking at the end :)
 she was so proud of herself!

 we we got home it was time to make cake! 
 look how yummy it turned out! 

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