Wednesday, July 30, 2014

End of The Year

May/June means the end of all of our scheduled activities.  In particular, preschool and cubbies. 

I did this last year and was amazed at how much the twins changed over the year.  This year they both shot up in height!
~First Day and Last Day of PreK-3~
Their end of the year program was cute.  Holden was a little more active than last year and Nora was all over those songs and motions, like a rockstar!

hey momma and daddy!
a little "hi" from our big boy

N and H with Adelyn
best friends
with Mrs. Amy--another awesome teacher this year!
 There was a small awards program for Awana.  The Cubbies kids just walked across the stage and got a prize from Mrs. Rachel, their teacher, but they thought they were big stuff of course.  Mike and I have been really proud of the kids this year though, they learned a new bible verse almost every week from Sept. thru May!

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