Thursday, July 31, 2014

Up, Up and Away

Nora completed her first year of dance this June.  The theme of the recital was Up, Up and Away.  I kept trying to explain to Nora what a recital is, but she never really got the picture, therefore was kind of emotionless about the whole thing.  Well...until i told her about the makeup part! 

We got to do a trial run for the professional pics a few weeks before the recital.  
with some of her friends at the studio

look at my pretty girl!

The day of the recital was long and i was in the trenches of first trimester really i was just trying to get through the day.  Nora on the other hand was soaking up/loving all of the attention she was getting from everyone!
she did great...what you'd expect from little 3 and 4 year olds...they were cute, no one cried...i'd say it was a success.  i was 'stage mom' the night before, so some of my pictures are from behind the curtains too. 
(5th from left)
(7th from right)
(3rd from left)
(3rd from left)
she was very excited to get pretty flowers!

we were so proud of our tiny dancer

some of our family were also able to come support Nora.  Pop Pop and Grandma, Nana and Poppy, and Aunt Kelly--we appreciate you coming to watch our girl and make her day so special!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

So cute! I just registered Adalynn for the fall. Squeal!