Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We'll Miss You!

A major downside to our military lifestyle is saying goodbye to great friends.  In May we had to say goodbye to 2 sweet families, the Ayers and the Sweatlands. Although goodbyes are sad, we had a fun last get together before they all left. 8 families, 15 adults and 20 kids!

 lots of play going on!

 the men :)
 some pretty awesome women
with our loves 
 and the kiddos

 like i said saying goodbye is tough, but saying goodbye to your best friend for the second time (first when they left HI) is pretty awful.  This time the kids are involved and it makes it worse.  Jack was around for everything we did.  The twins are definitely gonna miss their best friend too.

 until next time.... goodbye Team Sweatland

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NoPermanentAddy said...

Is it strange that I'm sad they are leaving too? I feel like they are always on the blog and practically your family too! I understand the constantly saying goodbye... we are saying goodbye to dear friends here today too. Fun lifestyle, until people start leaving!