Saturday, July 12, 2014

Museum, Food and Best Friends

You know how much we love to go to Raleigh.  Well we especially love to go with good friends!  This day started off a bit rocky but we made it.  In the morning we got everyone, including 3 adults, 4 preschoolers, 1 toddler and 1 infant loaded into the Expedition, along with a double stroller, packed diaper bags and snacks only 10 minutes behind our planned time to leave...pretty good.  UNTIL we looked down and saw the big flat sitting on rim, no one is going anywhere kind of flat tire.  So we all piled out...moved the 5 car seats to 2 separate the kids resettled and hit the road 15 minutes later.  We were DETERMINED to have a fun day.  

first stop was the Natural Science Museum in downtown Raleigh.  the big kids watched the shark movie while Hillary took the littles on a walk. 
then we entered the special rainforest exhibit.  it was super cool--a maze full of hands-on activities and fun facts to learn. 


How far can YOU jump?
Mike was the winner with a little toes hitting in at 8 feet
Jackie at 4ft
Norabird at 3ft
Holden at 3.5 ft
Hillary with Judah-baby at 3ft :)
and me.... (trying super hard ;) .....
5.5 ft...

then to the normal exhibits to check on the fish, bugs and dinos...


after a fun morning, we went to try out The Roast Grill, a long time Raleigh establishment, known for their hotdogs and featured on Man VS Food. 

big kids sittin' at the counter
Judah beggin' for the dogs!
they were okay... not the best hotdog i've ever had, but the place was fun
before heading home we stopped at GiGi's for cupcakes--best way to end the day!

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