Thursday, July 17, 2014


The next day we got up early and drove the rest of the way to the OBX.  We started in Corolla for some BBQ lunch and to climb the Currituck Lighthouse and then worked our way down to Kitty Hawk where our cabin was. 

the cabin was pretty was tucked in the woods completely hidden from view, with a perfect hammock on the porch that we may or may not have spent the majority of our stay in ;)

we did venture out for food and to explore a little bit.  i did really enjoy all the fun shops full of antiques and repurposed things. 
we stopped at the Wrights Brother's Memorial, but got there a little late in the day and didn't have very long.  we opted to hear the presentation and forgo walking up to the memorial
this is as close as we got before it was closing time
i did get to reconnect with an old Caswell Staff friend, Nikki and her husband Jake, who now live in Kill Devil Hills.  I haven't seen her since the summer we worked together 9 years ago, but it was still great to sit down and talk over coffee.  
on our last day, mike and i got up super duper early to drive to Hatteras and see the sunrise. the drive was kinda creepy in the dark and the fog was super intense, but all was beautiful at sunrise and the trip was well worth it.  We wanted to get home and see our babies before bed that night, so we just spent a few hours in on the island before starting the drive back home. We did of course climb Hatteras Lighthouse and then we stopped to see Bodie. 

We debated heading to Ocracoke--but the trip was too much to fit in that day, so we'll just have to make it back out again :) All in all it was a great trip...relaxing, fun and i even got to read a whole book! 

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