Monday, July 14, 2014

Life in April

Davis trying to be a big boy
these two did a lot of snuggling!
and we snuggle this one whenever we can catch him...after bath time is the best!
wrestling matches commenced...why boys need their daddies!
Davis taking charge of the TV
kids had wacky hair at Awana...i tried really hard to give H a mohawk.  Apparently i need lessons.  So since it wouldn't stand turned into this...which i played off as dinosaur hair...haha.

and 3 braids for Nora.  she wasn't really happy about wacky hair.  she only wanted "pretty" hair.  i had to really convince her that it was okay and she is pretty no matter what.  

weather was pretty great, so we spent a lot of time outside

Davis took interest in the potty...although it was short-lived
he also took interest in all of brother's toys while H was away at school.  Shh!  it's a secret :)
Momma and Daddy had a special breakfast with our littlest while the big kids were in school
Davis started taking Snoopy everywhere with him

and he loves to unload the dishwasher...and he's pretty good at it too!
we moved his slide in his room when Daddy got home.  Davis loves it and slides every night before bed. 

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