Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning-- we're still n the waking up our kids stage.  i figure any year now they will start waking us up instead on Christmas morning. 


LittleD isn't too sure about whats going on...he was hesitant to come down the stairs 
but then he saw his gifts from Santa
a "michael cycle" 
it was all Frozen for Nora this year 
Darth Vader and the Hulk!
and then presents from mom, dad and siblings
nora got the biggest package this year :)
a new baby and stroller
but sometimes the best things come in smaller packages...
like lego sets!
after 3 hours of assembly...
We took a break that day to enjoy what they got.  There was a lot of playing along with some resting and yummy Christmas food.  Then Christmas evening we opened up gift from Pop Pop and Gra'ma. 

learning how to shoot her bow and arrow

i did a bad job of taking pictures of anything other than the kids this group/family shots...heck we hardly even got dressed!  But it was a day full of JOY and that's what's important :) 

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