Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas in our own home this year...this is the first year we've done that since the twins were first born.  Pop Pop and Grandma were able to come spend the night with us on Christmas Eve and be a part of the festivities.  We had a yummy dinner, the kids opened their Christmas Eve Prep box, we got ready for Santa and did a lot of laughing at the kids excitement. 

i didn't actually get any pics of what was in the box...but it was these matching pajamas and a new Christmas book to read before bed.  This years book was called Humphrey's First Christmas, the nativity story through the perspective of the Wise Men's Camel. 
a sweet pic of my four favorite people.  after not having Daddy around last year, having him read the story was extra special.  of course everything is better with Daddy around. 

milk and cookies for Santa.  We heard Santa especially loved red velvet cookies, so we made some special for him that afternoon.  You think our littlest was a bit excited?   he HAD to have his hands on both the cookies AND the milk. 
glad we took this picture, because its the only family picture of everyone we took this Christmas! we barely even got dressed the next 2 days!
and then of course Santa visited after the kids were fast asleep...
Stockings Stuffed 
Surprises laid out (a little like a suspicious crime scene, i know)
and then there was this monstrosity... so much to be thankful for! 
and the last moments before bed, when all are laid down, the lights are off and it's so peaceful and quiet.  My favorite. A perfect Christmas Eve. 

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