Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

Here's a look at our trip to Great Wolf Lodge and how we celebrated the twins turning five. 

The lodge was decorated for Christmas and that made it even more fun...which brings me to another point...Nora is NOT wearing devil horns, they are the Christmas version of the wolf ears that Holden has on.  They were able to choose from either at check in and she liked the red ones. 
these two thought the lodge was awesome
of course we spent a fair amount of time in the water park area...

Holden really enjoyed the slides and was very brave going down some of the big ones by himself.  Nora didn't want to do them--even riding with Daddy. 

We ate one meal in a real gingerbread house.  It was super fun.  A room just for us, with a waiter from the restaurant across the hall to serve us and best of all it really did smell like gingerbread in there!
After dinner that night we went to story time and a character meet and greet.  There was also a fun surprise...a snowfall!


with Wiley Wolf
getting their faces painted 

  it really was a sweet few days spending time with our firstborns-- our days can be so hectic sometimes between doing everything we need to do, attending to a busy two year old and preparing for #4.  They deserved some special attention and Mike and I were more than happy to give it to them! 

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