Saturday, December 6, 2014

Twins are FIVE

My first babies turned FIVE last week! Our big birthday surprise was a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, but here are a few other picture of what we did on their special day. 

Happy Five Year Olds, first thing in the morning 

a "whole hand old" 
opening a few presents
Nora got a kitty that looks just like Lulu.  
and their big birthday present...Nabi DreamTabs.  We're slowly working our way into learning to use these tablets--for fun and educational purposes-- but for now they are great car/long trip entertainment!
with their ice cream cake Grandma made them
Since we were in Charlotte the night of the birthday--we left the lodge and went to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate right! Poor Nora had such a long and exciting day she was exhausted at dinner, but somehow made it through and ate her share of cake!
Sundaes and the birthday song from the waitstaff 
listening to their song 
We didn't know they'd bring ice cream and we already ordered 3 big cheesecakes, so we ended up with 5 desserts at our table.  One for each year!  and of course enough for leftovers the next night too!

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