Saturday, December 27, 2014

Frozen on Ice

Frozen on Ice was the HOT TICKET around NC this month...i think every parent friend i know went at some point (at least all the ones with girls!).  Although we took our boys too and everyone loved it.  We had great seats...about 6 rows from the ice...close enough to get snowed on during the show.   

The beginning and end of the show had other disney characters as well.  Davis was so excited to see Mickey Mouse--he cried when he left.  Davis also cried when Woody lost his hat. He's very attached to some of these characters apparently. 

The Frozen part of the show was basically a condensed version of the movie.  It did not disappoint though.  The kids were enthralled with it all. 

just look at these happy faces! 
we got snow cones in fun character cups...i think hot chocolate may have been a better plan though.  It was a cold rainy day and it was cold inside by the ice.  We all had chattering teeth by the end!

Holden said this was his favorite part

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