Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Getting the tree up is always so fun and exciting with's when they get those giddy looks on their faces and really know that Christmas as coming soon!  We merged our traditional pizza/movie night with Christmas Tree decorating and had a fun time.  We watched the new Peter Pan production, ate homemade pizza and since the movie was so very intermission for tree decorating was perfect. 

just look at those excited faces
first rule of successful tree decorating is... Festive Hats of course (and some clothes for the littlest...AND if any of you are super detail oriented you may notice H's shirt is on backwards, notice the elbow patches in the was like that all day...even at school.  i never noticed until looking at these pics... let's blame that on preggo brain, yes?) 
The first ornament hung on the tree by each kid is the special one they picked out the year before.  Holden picked a blue sparkly narwhal...yep you heard me right.  
Nora had a red reindeer 
and Davis had a a brown reindeer
look at how he is concentrating so hard to get it on! 
after the "first ornament ceremony" (we're so formal over here :) It's on to getting all those ornaments on the tree.  The twins are really getting to be a big help with the tree. And i'd like to point out that not one ornament was broken this year! 
Davis on the other hand lost interest after about 2 minutes and preferred to just be silly and move everything i was putting out. Toddlers...
and the finishing touch... 
Nora's face was absolutely not scripted....she really was excited about the star.  Apparently her brother was less amused. 
Another fun night with our family and now we're ready for Christmas!

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