Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April with my Loves

Here's April's Random Moments...

there were some days that looked like this... you know the "super mom days" where everything goes great and we tackle the world (okay, maybe just fville) 

chickfila, craft time and then a stop by walmart
i just love this picture....the limo cart, and all my littles being exactly who they are

and while those days are great and everything, lets be honest, below is really what my life is like most days. Home with my littles, doing what we do :) 

this cape is certainly getting love the past few months

and the big3 sure do love their little brother

all her meows, and even sharing!

a meow for me?

sitting in the Bumbo!

i love my slow mornings with these babies

there was plenty of good daddy time too!
 "hang out with daddy" time at Lowes while brother was at TaeKwonDo

and riding/driving the lawnmower!

and while i'm not in the picture this was a date night this past month.  Macky's a pretty good "third wheel" and we don't mind him crashing our least for now:) 

haircuts with Pop Pop, this pitiful face is so classic Davis...gotta love it

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