Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stitch Fix #3

no, you didn't miss the first two stitch fix blogs...but just to keep it real, it's my third box, first blog.  

I tried out Stitch Fix a year ago and really liked it. What is Stitch Fix you ask? Well, because i'm too tired right now to explain it, just refer to this amazing wikipedia explanation here :)  My first box wasn't completely perfect, the pants they sent were too long and a couple of the shirts weren't exactly my style, but i did keep two items.  With my second box I kept it all.  One sweater wasn't my favorite thing and although i love it on the hanger it never looks quite right when i put it on.  That being said, if i bought the other 4 things in the box the odd sweater was basically free because of the 25% off discount you get with keeping all 5 items.  In that box they sent me my most FAVORITE pair of jeans--and good jeans are impossible to come by! 

This fix was my first 'post-partum' box.  (insert dramatic music here: Duh Duh Duhhhh) A tall order already for a poor stylist.  Anyway, I have been in desperate need of another pair of good fitting jeans and i have been on the lookout for a good summer maxi, so i sent in my request and scheduled my fix for my birthday. 

i just love seeing this box come to my door!  

Below are pics of what they sent and me modeling them...just please excuse my "no makeup, unwashed hair, been in that same braid for 2 days" look.  I'm just keeping all those "stay at home mom" stereotypes alive :)  but really, we'd spent the week cleaning out all the nooks and cranny's of our house in preparation for the move in addition to, of course, my normal everyday life with lots of littles, so keeping it real again, make-up and nice hair weren't really a priority. 

now on to the important stuff, my birthday fix...

I was sent a pair of jeans and a dress like i asked, as well as 2 shirts and a necklace. 

The jeans they sent aren't as wonderful as my first pair, but they still fit good.  As i said, i have been in desperate need of another pair, so of course i kept them.  This first shirt you see is just a casual shirt i could wear out anywhere with the kids.  It was a good fit, very lightweight and loose fitting, perfect for a hot summer and my post-baby tummy.  In all honesty i could have probably found a shirt similar out somewhere for slightly less money, but it was reasonably priced and lets face it, i don't exactly spend my time out leisurely shopping.  So the shirt was a keeper. 


this next shirt is a little dressy and another one that i liked when i pulled out of the box when i put it on i wasn't so sure.  Mike on the other hand did like it and thought i should keep it.  I really have no good reason why i don't love it, i mean it fits fine, is comfortable, well made and i usually like lace.  I guess it just didn't scream "jessi" to me so i threw it in the "no thanks"  pile and moved on. 
 Now the dress they sent was perfect.  i love the print, the fit and the softness of the fabric.  Most of all i love that i can nurse in it.  Dresses this season are not nursing friendly at all.  No doubt, this dress was staying with me.  Now the necklace they sent, i hate.  Okay, that's a strong word.  It'd be nice for a formal, but i would never, ever wear it out and about like my stylist suggested.  Also notice here that I bored my baby to sleep with trying on all these clothes, such a guy :) 

now for the breakdown.  
the jeans and dress were the most expensive items and added with the casual shirt, my total was only $20 less than keeping the whole box. that's how those sneaky Stitch Fix people get you!  Since I do go to a formal/ball every year or so, the necklace wouldn't be a complete waste to keep and as for the lace shirt, maybe it'll grow me.  For basically free, i don't mind keeping it and giving it a chance :) 

So in conclusion, although it wasn't my favorite box they've sent me, i still scored on jeans and a dress and that was all i really all i was wanting--the other is just extra.  I call this one a win and decided to get one more box this summer in hopes to get a few more "cute mom shirts"  and a lighter wash pair of jeans.  I'll let you know how that goes! 

and if you want to try it out, here's my referral link :) 

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