Friday, May 29, 2015


Our little one is 4 months old and not so little at all!  He had his check up this month and weighed in at 15.8 lbs and was 25 1/4" long.   He's now surpassing all of his siblings with his growth.  The other 3 really really slowed their growth around 2-3 months but he is doing just the opposite it seems.  I'm amazed at how fast we blow thru clothes.  He is wearing 9-12 month clothes for the most part now--some are the same clothes that Davis was wearing just last spring/summer at 18 months old!  

He's still a happy little guy for the most part.  He is starting to be a bit more opinionated about what he's doing and where he's at.  I guess that just comes with the territory of getting older and more aware.  He's quick to give you a huge smile but getting a laugh out of him can be hard work.  He's a sweet one, but kinda serious too.  He's also been a bit fussier this month.  His shots really got him upset this time and Mike and I were actually thrown aback when he was screaming incessantly for a few hours.  Honestly in his 4 months of life we hadn't ever heard him cry like that.  He also has started cutting teeth and its obvious this causes some discomfort some days.  On these days he's whines a lot and just wants to be held.   He actually got kicked out of church nursery last week because of it!  In his defense, i don't think it was that his crying was so bad, but more the fact that the ladies had never heard him do that and just thought something must really be wrong.  When they brought him to me he quieted right down, so i just held him the rest of the night and he became the Sparks Red Team mascot! 

Nursing is still going well.  We have hit the 4 month nursing issues of squirminess, clawing, and not focusing.  Those aren't my favorite things but the nursing is still worth it--and it's not like he'd take a bottle anyway! 

Sleep is still the same as last month.  He sleeps from 8-4 most nights with an occasional midnight wake up.  Then goes back down until around until 7-8am.  If we are home, he takes 2 long naps and 1 short evening nap during the day.  If we are out and about he just cat naps a lot in his car seat or even in my arms sometimes if he needs to--that's a big difference from the other 3 kiddos. 

This month he has really mastered intentionally grabbing things.  He loves to lay under his play gym and look at his toys and either grab or kick them.  The playmat is our most used toy right now--i always have it close by.  Although now it isn't unusual to put him on the mat, walk away and then come back to him off the mat and somewhere else on the carpet.  While on his back he uses his strong legs to push himself backwards around the floor.  Also we pulled out the jumparoo and although he loves to stand up assisted by us, he tires out quickly in the jumper and doesn't seem to love it.  Maybe he'll do better in the coming months. 

His LIKES include: 
his moose pacifier 
sleeping while swaddled 
his siblings 
the bath 
being outside 

His DISLIKES include: 
the bottle 
being left alone 
loud noises 

here's a few more pics from the 4 month shoot.  gotta love a good hat!


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