Thursday, May 21, 2015


Some friends of ours got married a few weekends ago, on my birthday actually.  Mike was also a part of the Saber Team so there were plenty of wedding festivities to attend that weekend for him.  The wedding was in Pinehurst so Mom and Scott came down to watch all the kiddos for us so i could go to the wedding.  
We've been trying to teach Macky to take a bottle for a few months now.  He hasn't ever been much of a fan, but it seems the older he gets the more unwilling he becomes.  I was a little worried about how it would go since we would need at least 2 feedings while I was gone.  Turns out my worries came true and about 730 I had to jump in the truck and rush it back to Fayetteville to get that silly baby fed.  Mom and Macky also got in the car to try and meet me in the middle so it wouldn't be so far for me to go and so i could get back to the wedding and enjoy time with our friends before it was all over.  About 45 mins later we were in the middle of miles of pinetrees parked  in front of an Ammunition Supply Point (oh the irony, being that's Mike's job) and feeding Macky in the drivers seat.

After that I hurried back to the wedding in time to see the first dance, eat my dinner that my hubs saved for me and then go out on the dance floor to have some fun when our good friend got terribly sick and we spent the next hour in the bathroom.  Totally the WORST time to get the flu, but it made for a pretty good story later.  After that we all just gave up on wedding fun and all went home to sleep off the long evening.  

That being said the wedding ceremony was beautiful and after a year of watching Keri plan this thing it was great to see it all unfold! 

Gayla, Tara and Me
sweet Keri and her dad...we had the perfect seats to watch her as she started down the aisle
the Saber Team.  Mike is 2nd in line on the left

me and my man on my 31st birthday

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