Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pancakes and Field Day

For morning snack on field day Daddy prepared pancakes for all the kids in the shape of the first letter of their name.  

 and then it was time for field day...Mrs. Beth was giving out instructions for the day, notice Davis and Macky in the circle! 
taking care of his brother...love this kid!
 Davis waiting on Daddy to cook pancakes and Nora with her friend Addison--they are excited to be paired together for field day :)
 Mike was in charge of the cornhole station
 and Davis dominated that cornhole!

Holden lovin' field day!


 Egg races!
Nora was pretty good at this! 
  oh i love this boy
 and why are little girls so so sweet? 

 Macky slept all morning.  I didn't think i'd get to hang around that long between Davis and Macky.  But with Macky sleeping and Davis doing such a good job playing with the big kids we had a great morning with the kids at school!

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