Tuesday, May 5, 2015


and just like that when i wasn't expecting it, my son, ATE HIS TOOTH.  I didn't even know he had a loose tooth.  isn't he too young for this? 

so i cried, then pulled myself together and congratulated Holden on his new step in life and then wiggled his other teeth and Nora's to figure out what i needed to prepare for....

the answer was 1 more loose tooth for Holden and 2 for Nora!  What?  it wasn't even a freak thing.  my kids are legitimately losing teeth.  

that night while putting Holden to bed and talking about the tooth fairy i joking told him that i was just gonna go downstairs and cry the rest of the night cause he was growing up.  his response?  "mom, i just don't get you." yep kid.  get used to it.  this won't be the last time a girl's emotions blow your mind.  

so anyway, enough of my craziness and on to this cute boy-  like i said, he ate it.  we were eating hotdogs, i thought at first he had ketchup everywhere, then we realized it was blood.  here he is with his new smile.  did you know it could take anywhere from 1 week to 6 months for a new tooth to start growing in?  well, for this guy it took about 2 weeks to see the beginnings of his new tooth. 
This was the morning after with his dollar from the tooth fairy.  he carried that dollar around for days.  like held it in his hand while watching tv and sitting it beside him while eating a meal.  The next morning he woke up and told me that there wasn't anything under his pillow to which i got a good laugh...did the kid think he was gonna get a payout every day for the rest of his life? 

With Nora we were much more prepared, so there's lots of footage on this loss :) 
this girl did NOT want to eat her tooth.  wish she felt that way about eating/biting her nails.... but that's another story. 

we noticed at dinner about a week after holden lost his tooth that nora was getting ready to lose hers. before we started i snapped one more picture of that full baby toothed smile.
she was trying to be as brave as possible, but it took about 20 minutes.  finally a bite into an apple did the trick.  sorry for the gory picture, who knew losing teeth would look like a crime scene. 
a cleaner, sweeter smile :)
Cause i was trying to convince Nora to be brave and get the tooth out, i told her the tooth fairy would leave her something special if she didn't eat it.  So Nora got a dollar, a penny for the tooth and a letter.  Holden got a letter too...didn't want him to feel left out.  :) 

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