Friday, May 15, 2015


Just a few weekends ago I got away with my college friends to have our 2nd annual beach weekend! This time 8 of us were able to go as well as 2 new babies and 2 babies on the way.  It was a nice relaxing weekend.  We had a little beach time, pedicures and a lot of laughs and good conversation.  I'm gonna miss this the next few years while we are in the QC.  Maybe i'll get to sneak away one year :)

the house and porch where we sit and enjoy the slow mornings...a big change from our lives at home! 
and the beautiful morning view

this little guy did amazing on the trip.  despite a tooth popping through over the weekend (one week shy of 4 months!) he didn't cry at all! 
my happy baby
how we enjoyed the beach
although really Macky spent most of his beach time like this giving me great "mommy tan lines", but of course the snuggles are always worth it 
just look at that face!

in other news, it was this weekend that Macky started to laugh too.  i think it had something to do with all those funny girls, specifically Auntie Amanda 
he also enjoyed some fun playtime wit Auntie Megan

of course we had a photo shoot thanks to a tripod, remote and Megan orchestrating it all

babies and mommas
Sorry Elliotte, think we need a wider lense or longer arms!

i know Macky was looks less than thrilled, but i promise he was happy
and a beautiful view that night 
another good morning of snuggles on the porch before we go back to real life 

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