Sunday, April 14, 2013


We spent Easter weekend in Virginia with The Williamses. They are our good friends we met in Hawaii and we try to see them as much as possible while we are so close to each other.  Next year they will be living in Australia for a year! (i think we may all hide in their luggage!)

Easter Sunday was actually pretty dull and rainy--but it was still a good day and the weather didn't bother the kiddos at all! 

My happy babies first thing Easter Morning.  I just love sweet morning faces!

they went to go wake up Bethany and Elizabeth so everyone could go downstairs and see what the Easter Bunny had left...

 So happy with their basket!

 The Williams Family has quite a few Easter traditions--one big one is that the Easter Bunny brings the girls a new bunny every year and each bunny, new and old, appear on Easter morning....E is 13 now and Bethany is that's a lot of bunnies!  
 Little D had a rough night the night before.  Really, he had a rough night almost every night.  He's not too good at sleeping in new places ( bad news for mommy and daddy!).  So we let him sleep in this morning.  D's first Easter morning experience was on the bed, in the midst of getting ready for church.  Still, he seemed to like his basket...the eggs were his favorite...all those bright colors! 

He had this funny look on his face the whole time :)

Of course we took a few family pics before we went to church...

Nora's always ready for a photo op!

 my beautiful littles
 love my family!
MB will most likely get me for this...but its the only pic i have of her on the trip! 
 Bunny Masks

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