Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lions, Tigers and Dinos, Oh My.

yep, we made our first zoo trip of the season.  it was a beautiful weekend and we couldn't resist going--even though i just knew the rest of the town would feel the same way! 

we just saw the africa side this time.  usually one side at a time is enough for us--i'm thankful to live so close that is okay to just see little pieces at a time instead of making it into a long and stressful event.  

Riding in the Helicopter
 i think the kids like riding on the statues more than seeing the real animals

 walking with Grandma
 the real reason i wanted to go to the zoo was to see the baby gorilla.  of course that is what everyone else wanted to see also.  the exhibit was packed with some not-so-nice people.  it was hard to get a good view...and this is the best picture i got.  if you can't tell the momma has the baby laying on her face.  pretty sweet. 
 Davis got pretty tired and took a short nap.  he's not much of a napper when we are out and about, so this is one for the books. 
 Dino Exhibit


 Norabird didn't feel her best on this day, she spent most of the zoo trip in the stroller just watching 
 the carousel is always a hit.  the twins had their first ride on this exact same carousel when they were 6 months too. 
 loving it
 watching the silly chimpanzees
super fun day!

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