Sunday, April 21, 2013


It should be said.

I have awesome friends and an even more awesome Holy Father.  a Father who is teaching and pushing me everyday to be a better version of myself, even when it hurts.  

but he also hears the cries of my heart.

After struggling with how to better get plugged in, He placed someone from our church, right in my the parking stall next to mine at walmart, with a possibility of a new place to plug in.

and after i struggled with the feeling of loneliness for a better part of the day-- i sit down to my computer at the end of the day to find 2 different messages from good friends just to say they missed me.  And another message from a friend that i haven't talked to in a while that struck up a sweet conversation reminiscing about memories and bringing a smile to my heart.

a good reminder that friendships aren't about geography.

and a bigger reminder that my God cares about the little things--even my sad days.

I go to bed thankful for all i have and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

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