Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Celebrations

Another big tradition for the Williams Family is their annual Easter Party.  We have attended quite a few of these over the years in Hawaii.  They always invite lots of people and there are lots of games, food and an Easter Egg Hunt of course! 

The Hunt...the twins were so excited about this! 
Little kids first...

 Holden searching in all the good spots!

checking out their bounty! 
 Next we had the Easter Egg they do at the White House.  Marybeth and Bryan worked at the White House for a while keep this tradition up wherever they go.  First we decorate our eggs, and then we roll them! 

The twins first dyed eggs

 Time to Roll...Holden was up against Buddy.  Buddy was a couple years older and won of course, but Holden still had fun.  One of the rules is to NOT hit the egg like a golf ball...Holden didn't quite let that rules sink in.  By the end of the roll, his egg was massacred. 
 Elizabeth racing her boyfriend, Jacob. Elizabeth (as well as her sister Bethany) are pros at this!

Daddy was on LittleD duty

but he still challenged me to a race! A little too confident, Daddy and Little D couldn't beat me this time!

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