Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Virginia Randoms

On the way to VA, Nora and her Meow.

we went to see the girls at one of their swim meets. they swim 5-6 days a week! talk about commitment.    that's Elizabeth in the farthest lane. 

the williams' house is up against the woods and the kids had a great time running around and exploring.  Holden loves his swords (sticks)
 the sleeping situation there was a little crazy.  our littlest was not sleeping well...so he somehow got a room all to himself, with a nice big bed completely unused while Mike and I bunked in with the twins. Nora and I slept/snugged great but the two active sleepers, Mike and Holden had some interesting nights.  Here is a picture i snapped one night of their funny sleeping positions. 
 oh how we love ice cream
 it's never a true visit to the Williams House without a little Just Dance party.  the twins even played along this time.  we may have to invest in the game ourselves! 
 the men dance numbers area always my favorite!

lots of good times and a whole lotta laughs!

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