Saturday, April 25, 2015

Burns and Bennetts Backyard Camping

We've been planning a backyard camping adventure since last summer--all sorts of reasons kept putting it off--the main one being weather.  It seemed every time we planned to do something like this the rain would come.  Well, our weekend fun finally happened and it was the perfect weather and we were able to spend it with the perfect people too! 

The big kids eating dinner

Captain America Chips!
the "littles"
these four are just perfect together--they will definitely be missed!
all the kiddos 
We played until dark, watched The Little Rascals on the big screen outside, had s'mores and then jumped on the trampoline until everyone was thoroughly worn out :) 
those are some tired eyes from our birdie! 
the adults? 
these kids were SO EXCITED about sleeping in the tent
and Daniel brough glo sticks to make it even more fun!

i think the boys were asleep pretty fast.  the girls giggled until around 11pm.  us parents stayed up and played catch phrase until way too late.  Then of course everyone was back up and going by 7.  We cheated and came in for breakfast--eggs and cinnamon rolls!  


these well rested babies slept inside with the mommies.... we'll leave their first camping adventure for another year or two! 

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