Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hop in the Park

We tried out Fayetteville's big Easter event, Hop in the Park.  It's hosted by a local church and completely free.  Amongst food, more jumpers than i have ever seen in one places and egg hunts there was a skydiving easter bunny!  

The egg hunts were divided by age. 0-5 was convenient for all three kiddos although it was pretty easy for the twins.  I considered trying to find the big kid hunt for the twins, but in an effort to only stand in one line and keep our family together, i challenged the twins to pick one color egg and see how many of that one color they could get.  They all had fun and of course the candy at the end was the best part!  

just look at all their happy faces :) 

waiting their turn to hunt 

silly, silly boys

 skydiving bunny

and the hunt begins 

davis was more concerned with opening all his eggs and not so much about how many he got ... it's quality not quantity, ya know? 

serious egg hunters here!  
 i love that cape flying behind him as he runs. 

 blue and pink, big surprise there. 
 everyone with their stash 

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