Monday, April 27, 2015

Daddy and Davis Day

Mike had a day off last month and the twins were at a sleepover at their friend's house so Davis got to have a morning just him and Daddy.  They were both so excited.  Just look at these happy faces!
They had lots of fun stops on the agenda like pancakes at Davis' favorite, Cracker Barrel, but the best stop was at a local Lego play place called Bricks4Kidz.  Davis and Mike had lots of fun and worked hard building a pirate ship and pirate hideout. Of course our little superhero wooed the owners of bricks4kidz.  He was on the facebook page by the end of the day! 

 Daddy and Davis had lunch at cookout before coming home for nap.  Hotdogs and Hush Puppies! mmm.mmm.good!

and here's a cute video of them before leaving the house :)

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