Friday, April 10, 2015

March Madness

Well it wasn't all madness, but yes there was a lot of basketball playing in the house and that caused a little madness in mommy....

and then there was some self inflicted madness in the form of crafting/creating while trying to balance everything else.  i am however proud of the finished products.  

2 millitary/americana themed bridal gifts for a friend preparing to marry a soldier: 

first a fun sign

and a wreath with the option of a replacing the stars with a yellow ribbon, although we hope that ribbon just stays neatly in a box somewhere 

then another kind of madness that is my life, not just a part of March...laundry.  
piles and piles of laundry.  hey, at least they are all clean yes?  

and for some serious madness...  we are buying a house in iowa.  yep.  surprised us too.  the rental market there was depressing and now that schools are a part of the consideration, finding a home that was big enough for our family, in the right school district and affordable were our top priorities.  This house came available, and we couldn't turn it down.  Praying this will be a good move for us and hey, now i will have plenty of fun projects to do for the next 3 years.  If you can't tell from the outside, the previous owners are a fan of brown both on the inside and outside.  This blog may turn into a DIY diary, beware.  

and then on to other things, like my kids.  that's never madness.

Davis....Macky was crying, he couldn't tear himself from the TV, but at least he moved close to his brother to try and make it better.   

and speaking of D, he takes every chance he can get to play with Macky's toys. 

we went home for a short weekend.  Nora got a 'short cut' as she calls it.  that just means she doesn't want much cut off...trying to get Rapunzel status over here! 

Big Poppy and Macky's first time meeting each other.  Clearly they were meant to be best friends with their matching outfits. 

Nora and I had a little girl time (read: go run errands) but we usually sneak off for lunch while out.  This day was really rainy, so we opted to skip getting out of the car one more time and had a car date at Sonic instead. 

where's holden? 
how he layed his clothes down in the middle of my bedroom floor after changing into his Gi for Taekwondo.  

and then some cute Macky pics at 2 months....such a sweet sweet baby! 

tummy time

after his shots...and looking HUGE
love that smile!

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