Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nine Years and the Boiler Room

We had our 9th anniversary on the 22nd. As any parents of 4 little kids, we celebrated over the weekend when we had some time and the grandparents could help keep our kiddos--well most of them :) 

Our weekend started like this 
 and then we had to clean out the garage.  i know, not too exciting, but we did find some "treasures".  Like this unsent letter from my hubs about 15 years ago before he was my hubs, a sweet polaroid from a deployment (he's holding a bird) and his glasses from Basic (they call them BCG's or birth control glasses :) 

The fun part of the weekend came with a trip to Kinston to eat with our favorite "foodie friends".  Of course we would have like to eat at Chef and the Farmer one more time before we move, it was prom weekend in Kinston and there were no reservations to be had.  So we "settled" for Ben and Vivian's other restaurant, Boiler Room.  It's an oyster bar/burger joint with a fun atmosphere and pretty great food.  

Us and the Bennets 

The babies did okay.  It was loud in there, a little warm and late by the time we got a table but they hung in there and slept like champs on the ride to and from Kinston. 

The entice you to go try it out.  The #3 burger was the crowd favorite, but we tried 5 of them and all were pretty great.  The oysters were also quite yummy, we tried the Boilerfeller, but the showstopper was the amazing banana pudding.

It was nice to have some quiet together time with this man even if we were working around the house, and it was also a lot of fun hanging out with friends.  No matter what we're doing i'm always glad to be with guy.  Love him so much. 

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