Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Just look at my sweet little baby! He brings so much joy to our home with that big smile. 
 and then there's this look...basically the same from last month, just with wider eyes and a slightly bigger body! 

At 3 months Macky is still such a joy.  He rarely cries other than when he's tired or hungry.  He tolerates quite a bit from his siblings--like hugging too hard, making lots of noise, getting all in his personal space.  None of that stuff really seems to bother him.  He smiles all the time and just loves to be near his family.  Thankfully there are lots of people in the house so he almost always has a buddy ready to sit and talk with him. Things i remember to be an issue with the other three kiddos don't really happen with Macky.  I don't have to get ready to the sound of a crying baby--he's usually pretty happy just sitting in his chair and watching. That dinner time crankiness hasn't started up yet either--he either easily takes a nap in his swing or sits on the counter and watches us cook/eat.  He goes to sleep pretty easily in the evenings and still rides in the car like a champ napping wherever we may be.  Really.  It's been pretty great.

Sleep:  He's still sleeping really well.  Bedtime around 8 pm and sleeps until about 4-6am, eats and then goes back to sleep until 7-730am.  About once a week he wakes up around midnight to eat.  He sleeps best in a warm room, all swaddled in his woombie and with the crickets playing on the sound machine.  If not there, the swing is a close second and where he does the majority of his naps.  Speaking of naps, we get about 3 really good ones a day.  He's pretty predictable and already on a good schedule!

Eating: Nursing is still going well too and nothing has changed much from last month.  He obviously knows what he's doing and has the cheeks to show it!

Motor Development:  Macky has started rolling from his tummy to his back during tummy time.  He also goes in circles and scoots himself off his play mat by pushing the floor with his feet.  He hasn't quite gotten control of his hands yet but he's swinging for things trying to work out how to get a grasp on his toys.

His LIKES include:
his family
being swaddled
his pacifier

His DISLIKES include:
being alone
cold hands
really loud places

and here are some pictures with his best buddy Leah, they are nine weeks apart :) 

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