Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Sunday

We had a nice Easter weekend with family and friends.  Nana and Poppy spent the weekend with us-- while they were here, they joined us at Hop in the Park, we ate at yummy Sherefe's, had a nice Easter dinner on Saturday night and the joined us for church on Sunday.  Sunday evening we invited our neighborhood family friends, the Lopez Family to join us for a backyard egg hunt and pizza.  It was definitely a good weekend! 

On Sunday morning the kids came downstairs first thing to see their Easter baskets. It was Macky's first Easter and as you can see he was very excited about it.  He was the first one to his basket!

the big 3 making their way down the stairs 

Birdie and her basket.  She was most excited about her new Elsa PJ's. 
and the boys
so glad the Easter Bunny knew exactly what we needed....PJ's and Undies! 
Nora helped Macky see what was in his basket--new soft toys because i'm not quite sure where all the soft baby toys went after Davis! That's cool though, a third boy gets mostly hand-me-downs anyway--he totally deserves some new toys that are all his to drool all over :) 
my beautiful lovies

after all that fun we had cinnamon rolls and then got ready to go to church.  here's all my loves in their new Easter outfits :) 


Thankful for a beautiful weekend, family and most importantly our Risen King.  In the words of our LittleD, "Jesus is Alive, YAY!" 

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