Saturday, April 7, 2012


Church Camp was the weekend before my surgery.  It was awesome as always.  We look forward to this all year.  I wish we had been able to do it more.   Enjoy ALL the pics ;)
 Helping Set Up

 The Meal Wagon

 Babies at Camp

 Portuguese Horseshoes


 It was raining all over the island all weekend, but at camp--which is normally one of the rainiest spots on the island, didn't have any rain at all.  It was overcast a lot though---but we did get to enjoy moments of sun here and there.
 Just my new favorite picture.  Fabulous Yes? 
 tree climbing

 our hot shower!
 playing with Aunties and Uncles

 we even skyped with PopPop and Grandma a minute

mike playing silly games with the church kids.   
 breaking our house tent down ...takes 4 grown men just to get the air out!
 Eli didn't want us to leave ;)

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