Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goodbye Grace

Our last Sunday at church was a sad day.  After 6 years with these people, they've become family and we're really going to miss them.  Also after watching the kids grow for the past 6 years it was super sad to leave them--some of these kids were just babies when we go there--a few of them hadn't even been born!  Here Mike and I with our 2 classes.  

early service

late service

After service, the church had a potluck for us, which was super nice and a great way to say goodbye to everyone.  At times there was a line of people waiting to talk to us and it was my first time really getting emotional about the move.  

Holden and one of his favorite uncles, Uncle Steve
my buddy, Rina
giving out balloons to the kids 
Daddy and Holden...on the playground for the last time
the food and our people
Nora getting her lei from Auntie Jayne

with Uncle Mike, Holden's favorite play buddy.  

 trying to shaka with Uncle Kyle (who Daddy is currently staying with until he moves to NC)
still trying
My Sarah.  She was 'my person' during deployment and one of my closest friends on island.  thankfully she and Chris will be moving to Georgia this summer...much closer!
Cowans and Burns
The Chans (Deborah and Uncle Steve)
Nursery Buddies.  Ava (in between N and H) will be truly missed--Nora and Holden looked forward to seeing her every Sunday. 
girl hugs---so sweet!
just like big girls!
and then Holden snuck in and kissed Ava...with no prompting!  He loves her!
look how proud he is!
with sweet Jayne.  i'll miss her so 
Auntie Erica (Uncle Mike's other half!) they are also moving to KY this summer
Pastor Ted.  We'll miss his sermons, humor and leadership so much.  
and Auntie Jan and Adrian.  Nursery Favorites...although we're missing a few!  The kids will surely miss these ladies the first time we drop them off to a new nursery.  They really did love them so much!  and Mike and i were so thankful for great people to help take care of our kids for so long each week. 

In a perfect world we would just have packed up our church and taken it with us to NC so we could have the best of both words.  sadly that isn't possible, but a part of us will always be there with them.  this church family is what really made us feel at home in HI.  Thanks so much Grace, for all you did for our family.  We can't wait to be back to see you again one day!

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