Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ice Cream Addicts

They take after me.  It's not their fault...and worse since i'm pregnant and want it all the time, they automatically get it all the time too!  This would be their 4th day in a row right here...we went to Dave's Ice Cream (a hawaiian ice cream shop) and got the kids these cute creations.  The kids were so excited....

until Nora realized we wanted her to eat it.  She watched Holden bite into the top of that cone and screamed like we were getting ready to throw her off the top of a building.  it took a lot of convincing...and eventually the removal of the decorated clown before she would eat the ice cream.  She kept pointing at the cone and saying "eyes".  Really, this girl and her silly fears keep us on our toes.  We never know when she's gonna flip out!

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