Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome Oliver!

Last week my very pregnant friend, Sarah, finally had her baby boy.  I went by to say hi in the early stages of her induction and then within an hour of me being there, she was ready to push!  I felt so privileged to be around for the first few hours of Baby Oliver's life as well as see how special the first moments after birth can be when a c-section, pre-E, and magnesium drip aren't involved.  It really was so cool.  and isn't he just beautiful???  
the next day i went to visit again, as I was scheduled to have surgery soon and knew i wouldn't see them for a while.  I was happy again to get some good awake time with Oliver as well as some good talk time my friend, the new mom ;)  So happy for Sarah and Chris--and just look at this sweet face!

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