Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playing Around

Don't Forget to put your vote in for Baby #3 on the lefthand side of the blog!  Today is your last day!

Nora is still carrying around her basket of eggs from Easter, so went out for a second Egg Hunt Extravaganza.  This time the weather was much more cooperative!

watching and waiting on Daddy "hide" the eggs
 Ready, Set, Go!
 Distracted by the ocean
 walking right by an egg...a normal occurrence 
 on a misison

counting their loot 
 Nora has also become interested in my hair lately.  This was her first time trying to brush it--with her doll brush of course.  I'm not sure why it's in her mouth.  I don't think i do that???  
 beautiful sunsets and a beautiful princess

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