Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter with Friends

Easter was a busy day for us, but thankfully we have great friends who invited us over to eat and hang out in the midst of our craziness.  First though the day started out with an alarm at 4 am to get ready and out the door for 6am sunrise.  The kids did great waking up although Nora was quite confused at why it was still 'night night time'.  I totally felt her pain. 

Church was great, sunrise service was awesome as always, then we had a church-wide breakfast before regular 9am service where I taught my kids of 6 years for the last time.  I love those kids and will truly miss them and their sweet faces. 

After service, we went to the Anderson's House to nap and then have Easter Dinner.  After the kids woke up is when we did all the "fun" stuff like Easter Baskets and an Egg Hunt.  It was a little rainy in the afternoon but the kids didn't seem to mind too much on their hunt for the eggs.  I really meant to get some pics with our friends before we left, but never did.  You'll just have to take my word for it that we celebrated with other people and it was a great afternoon!

Happy Kiddos
 My Three Favorite People
 Burns Men
 the Fam
 being way too cute!
 Holden fell and Nora kissed it all better

 Easter Baskets--their regular baskets had already been shipped, so we stopped off at Target for some replacements!
 Ready, Set, Open!

 brother, what did you get?
 Nora's first egg of the day!

 She's determined!

 they were both concerned about the eggs in the tall grass and wouldn't reach in for them
Holden used his noggin, and asked Daddy for "help, please" 

 Uncle Chris and Baby Oliver
 Showing Uncle Kevin his loot
 okay...i'm totally invading Chris's space here..sorry buddy! but Nora really wanted to give Baby Oliver an egg...

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