Friday, April 6, 2012

Out and About

Here's some randoms from the past few weeks--little bits of cute and fun in our every day life. 

On mom's last day here, i was wanting to get out the house, so we went to see October Baby (which i really liked) and then stopped to get a hotdog at Hanks Haute Dogs.  It's been featured on most of the travel network food shows and i love a good hotdog--so i had to test it out.  AND i can't believe we waited so long to go there...i am sure i will be dragging my family there at least 2 more times before we leave! 

the same day mom adn i went out Mike took the kids to the Auto Show.  He was in Heaven.  Of Course. 

 The Cowan's sent us a pretty great fruit bouquet this week.  The babies ate all the best stuff, of course--but i hoarded the chocolate bananas for myself...and maybe let Mike have a few bites ;)
 A few weeks ago, the kids and i had a jamba juice outing...these are coming to a close, and i think we all are going to be sad about that!

 Cute Daddy/Son Moment
 What Daddy? She didn't eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie in the Car.  We wouldn't do that!  (hehe)

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