Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day of R&R

The last 2 weeks were busier than i would've liked--it would have been awesome to have a real 2 week vacation in HI before we left...but i guess we'll just have to come back to visit for that.  Still, Saturday we had a family rest and relaxation day--with a lot of "pool time" or as the kids call it "bath time".  They LOVED the kiddie pool and would've stayed all day.  

Holden especially loves his turtle, although i hate to say that all the rough play (and some biting...) caused the turtle to get a flat.  we promised him another one (which a parent really should never do) and then went to the PX to buy one and they were all out!  thank goodness Holden doesn't quite understand.  We felt terrible enough.  Really though, he wore it in and out of the pool for 4 hours straight. 

Nora on the other hand hated her duck.  She really has an aversion to any kind of intertube.  She preferred the safety of her steps and some buckets.   

 taking a break for some shave ice--birdie was COLD!
 it looks inappropriate but Holden is just eating a shave ice in a bar cup so he and nora could share!  Nora had the umbrella, so we gave Holden the pineapple garnish. 
  for our last dinner in Waikiki, we chose to go to the Hula Grill.  It has a beautiful view of the ocean (which we are facing in this picture) and pretty fabulous food.  We had the famous Hula Pie for dessert...mainly ice cream and chocolate fudge, with a oreo crust.  How could you go wrong there?

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