Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zoo Trip

This past week, my friends Hillary and her son Jack, and Kim with her daughter Adalynn met up with us and we went to the zoo for the morning.  It was the perfect day, sunny and warm but not hot and besides some school groups, it wasn't all that busy.  The kids had a blast--they sure love all their animals!

what?  we don't need any parents, we got this under control!
guess who was in charge of directions


i have no idea why she prefers them upside down

just riding some elephants

the dinosaur exhibit!  these two boys were mesmerized!
well, its a pretty good picture (considering we're all looking), it would have been nice if the photographer would have gotten the the dino face too :)

looking up at the brachiasauras
"you see that, mom?"
Nora finally got down to check them out herself.  The moving and roaring was a little scary to her at first. 

we ended our trip with a little carousel ride on some awesome and giant animals.  

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