Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Sequence

who doesn't love a good sequence of pics? they tell such a funny story!

Nora: brother please make room for me
Brother: Are you for real?
Nora: suit yourself, i'll just sit right on top of you then.
Nora: *booty rooting* gotta make a good spot
Holden: *whining* A LOT
Nora: oh that didn't work...what to do next?
Holden: what's she gonna do now?
Nora: okay, trying again
Holden: man, again?
Nora: hmm...let me try this arm rest
Holden: really Nora, this is so not working, can you please just leave me alone?
Holden: i'm outta here. this girl is getting on my nerves!
Nora: Great. he's leaving!


Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? said...

They are so dag gone funny! I can't wait till they express themselves in words we can all understand!!

Anonymous said...

Transparancy! enjoy, such simple beauty! tks much for sharing, love Auntie Beth