Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hair Dilemma

Growing Hair is a bit stressful at times...okay, maybe i'm being a bit dramatic, but if i am being honest the kids hair was seriously annoying me and i'd change my mind every 5 seconds on whether i was gonna cut off the craziness or just suffer through it, let it grow and then even it out later when it's all longer. the end the crazy hair got to me and i just had to cut it off. So....

Goodbye rattail... hello even neckline..and it already looks so much thicker, yes?and...goodbye scary stringy mohawk gone wrong party bangs
and hello once again short and sweet boy cut...oh holden will the rest of your hair ever grow?

and just so you know the first hair cut, by yours truly was less sentimental and more therapeutic ;)


Anonymous said...

Love their new dos!!!!
Aunt mj

Jennifer said...

They look great!!! Welldone, mom!

Jennifer said...

They look great!! Welldone!