Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Polynesian Cultural Center

Amanda and I have both been here before but Mike and Bobby wanted to come and we thought that the kiddos would enjoy it too, so we decided to forgo yesterday's nap and head to the PCC!

Nora was our tour guide, she inherited her great directional skills from her momma, hehe.

We all tried to make fire the way the Samoans do it. It wasn't as easy as it looked.

I was concentrating very hard....
and putting all my strength i it...
but it just didn't work. i was sad.

we made fish out of palm leaves
the figi dancers were scary. that middle man could *CRUSH* you!

HRB was mesmerized
Good Family Photo!
Daddy, we gotta get outta here! he's gonna get me!
sizing each other up
what you lookin' at?
ooohh... nice stick! where can i get one of those!
Holden *HEARTS* Bobby. the rest of us are chopped liver.
just look at this happy girl
like i said...although he does get the best view from uncle bobby's tall shoulders
The float parade

getting kisses from Daddy

Ice Cream!


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