Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We joined some friends at the zoo today. It was a beautiful day--a bit hot, but nice. The first half of the day was good--the animals were all out and moving around. Then we stopped to eat lunch and play in the Keiki Zoo. After lunch though, Holden (who hasn't been feeling well) was too hot and done, so we speed walked through the rest to get to the exit and head home. Maybe we shouldn't have gone out in the first place, but he woke up in such a good mood this morning and after being stuck inside all day yesterday, it was nice to get out for awhile and see some friends.

the Boys watching the monkeys

waving hello to the turtle

watching the orangutans with Caedmon

my sweet family--notice Holden's leaf he found!

Nora liked the Spider Monkeys...they were all over the place

look daddy, Fish!

Big Fishy

Petting the Goats

rock climbing like the lions...Caedmon is showing her the way

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