Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Date Day

After the ball Thursday night, Mike and I spent the night at the hotel and spent the WHOLE next day together. It was awesome. We woke up without any plans--except just to have a good day hanging out with each other.
First we had breakfast at the Ilikai Hotel. This is where we lived the first few weeks we moved to Hawaii while we were looking for a place to live. It was fun to go back to this spot and remember those first few weeks of our marriage and how excited we were about starting our lives in this new place.

After breakfast, we headed back to our hotel to hang out in their awesome "beach pool". The hotel is right on the harbor so there isn't a great beach access close by, but they made up for it with the cool pools surrounded by hammocks, sand, and palm trees. This pool was more for looks and cooling off your feet than to swim. It was only about 6 inches deep. The plus to this? NO KIDS. The kids all were downstairs at the real pool, so this really was very peaceful and serene. We spent most of the day right here.

For lunch we ate at the poolside bar. The atmosphere was so cool. Cute little green tables, pretty orchids, lights hanging in the trees and a very attentive waite staff. meet the amazing Frozen Coconut Mojito
wow, best drink of my life. if you are in HI... GO. GET. ONE. NOW.

After some more time in the sun, we went to Dukes for some music and food. This is one of our favorite places. We never pass up a chance to go here.
Crab and Mac Nut Wontons. Come to Daddy. the view.

some real good music
Our date ended with a 3D IMAX showing of Transformers. It was So Good.
It was a wonderful day together and the first one we've had alone since the twins were born. But as much fun as we had, as soon as we got back home we had to sneak into the babies room and watch them in their beds sleeping. I couldn't let a day go by without at least seeing them!

mA big shout out to Amanda and Bobby Rackley for keeping our little ones and giving us some much needed momy and daddy time! You guys ROCK!

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Texas Turnaus said...

This looks like such a great night/day! Yea for Amanda and her hubby!

And I totally understand the staying in a hotel in the beginning... we've certainly had that experience before!