Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're Classy...Not Trashy!

So we had a little mishap with Nora's shorts today at lunch and i long ago quit carrying around a change of clothes because we never seem to need them. Well, today would have been a good day to have a clean set. oops. Mommy Foul.

SO, I really can't stand to take them in places without pants or shoes, both gross me out--and i don't mean to say that as a judgement to others, i just personally can't stand it. Anyway--after lunch we really needed to make a stop in at Walmart--a very classy place itself--and i told Mike there was no way i was taking her inside in just her diaper. So we improvised! Mommy had just bought a new t-shirt and it doubled great as a dress, yes? okay, maybe it was a little messy too, but at least my daughter won't end up on

Personally, i thought she really rocked the side knot--and you should shoulda seen her strutting her stuff in the aisles all the while her right hand was waving in the air in order to hold mommy's purse up on her shoulder! Totally Classy.

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