Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Decorate A Tsunami Warning Device

Did you know that i live just up the road from the Tsunami Warning Center of the Pacific? During a Tsunami Warning, this is the place where all the researchers are frantically working and being interviewed while all of you loved ones are watching the TV for news of whether we are going to be washed away.

Pretty exciting stuff. Or Not.

At least it's comforting that they are close by. Again, Or Not.

Here's what i find interesting.

We have roadside speakers strategically placed all over the island to alert us in the case we need to evacuate for a possible Tsunami. Most speakers look just like that, speakers--just on top of a tall electrial pole. Well, there is one special one on Ft. Weaver Rd. that they (i'm not sure who "they" is) have made sure to make it more aestetically pleasing being that it shares ground with a golf course and is practically in the backyard of a few very lucky Ewa residents. Here is what it looks like...

A PALM TREE! It's amazing. Ok, so maybe not amazing, but kinda funny. Take a closer look below and notice how they even did their best to mimic the tree's bark..and the palm frawns...they're metal! Crazy. I wish whoever did this would spend a little time and money on putting a playground/park within walking distance of my house. Some of these artistic palm trees would look great up beside a couple of swings and a slide, yes?

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